Rock Crystal & Chrysoprase Energy Necklace


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From the Crystal Rock Collection, another beauty - this one has chunks of Rock Crystal Quartz and Chrysoprase with beautiful imported brass embellished beads!  Classic Gold plated toggle clasp brings all 18" together. Rock Crystal Quartz is said to be a power stone and is also called the "Universal Crystal" because it channels universal energy. It enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. Quartz also enhances thoughts as they are a form of energy and can assist with clarity and focus. Chrysoprase which is a beautiful apple green/ yellow color has been said to attract new love, prosperity and abundance joy and happiness. Wear these chrystals next time you negotiating a big business deal or socializing with new friends and let the magic happen!

Gift Wrapping: Available
SKU: Rock Crystal Chrysoprase
Shipping: Fixed rate: $10.00
Height 18.00


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Rock Crystal Quartz

I love wearing this elegant mixed quartz and gemstone necklace. Very well made. Thank you PJNY!
Posted by Karen Sykes, Jan 31st 2019