Flat Top Silver Hammered Ring with Rubies or Diamonds


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Simple, elegant, chic and handmade. One of my original stacking rings - this is the second generation of the "FlatTop" ring, with hammering and precious gemstones burnished on each side of the ring. Available with rubies or diamonds or your choice gemstone by special order. Our wide array of stacking rings were designed to be worn together in any combination YOU choose. Mix shapes, textures, metals and gemstones to create a look that reflects your unique personality.  The possibilities are endless - try mixing round with geometric, delicate with chunky, thick with thin, hammered and smooth, silver with gold, gemstones or minimalist, and so on and so on! Unlike many mass manufactured jewelry, my rings are “solid” not hollow with substantial weight to them. You'll never tire of the ways you can wear them and will have a lot of fun rocking them! Free shipping.

Price reduced for Holidays!

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